Patty, The Unsinkable Tuxedo Kitty

Patty, The Unsinkable Tuxedo Kitty


Although she’s petite, and with a congenital tremor, Patty doesn’t let anything get in the way of her joy.  She’s not even aware of it I’m sure.  She has the biggest pioneering spirit, with energy for days, which belies her tiny frame.  The day I walked into the shelter and saw her, I knew I could not leave her there.  It’s fascinating how a cat can go from being a stranger to becoming a family member who is so dearly beloved, that without her my life would have a gaping hole.

She had already been a mother of 4 when we met, and she had been bounced around to 2 or 3 different shelters.  I could see that her bossy, feisty attitude, her intolerance of other kitties, and her CH tremor (cerebellar hypoplasia) was a deal breaker for those who had come before me.  She hadn’t yet been spayed either.  Well, she was now having her last few minutes in a shelter, as I opened my heart and arms, and immediately took her out of there.  

 It’s been more than 2 years with her now at home.  She is the sunshine of the place, and has a routine she loves, with plenty of spoiling from yours truly.  Her appetite for play is endless.  We have our daily play sessions and a routine that she demands!  This is something she taught me: set up regular play sessions with your cat.  They will not only get exercise and stimulation, but also they will bond with you.  They also expect you to keep the daily regimen!  She’s fearless, rambunctious, frisky, wild, clumsy and non-stop joyful!. 

 The mild shake has become so endearing, such a part of her nature, it never fails to make my heart melt when it comes on.  Sometimes when her attention is on a bird, or external stimulation, the wobble will overtake her, but she is completely unaffected by it.  She is so dominant in nature, she can’t be pushed out of the way without protesting.  I have child-proof locks on cupboards and closets because of her raids, her searches, adorable attempts to enter everything-24 hours a day.  I love that.  She’s just as enchanting as a galaxy of stars.  WE LOVE OUR PATTY-BEL!!

Check out some of her "poses" on our designs below!  ↓

Patty In Bed Mug

Patty On Her Longsleeve T Shirt

Friendly Tuxedo Cat Mug

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