About Ginger

Ginger ("Gingerbel") was a beloved tabby cat who passed away too soon.  She was cruelly cut off from the chance to live out her golden life.  The severe health issues that developed from her harsh upbringing just became too much for her little soul to handle, despite all the medical help.  But fortunately, before her time was up, she made it out of the cold dark warehouse where she had been imprisoned.  She never lost her sweet attitude, and she found me when I visited a shelter, looking to adopt and care for a cat in need.  I brought her home with me for what would be more than 2 years of loving care, attention and joy.  She healed up all her cuts and wounds, became bright-eyed again, and gave a love and trust back to me that was warm and devoted and so dear.  When it came her time to go, she did so with safety, love, and my whole heart by her side. She will never be forgotten for her spirit, her vocal yapping, and her sunny nature.  It's been a while since she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, but still very often, or when things get a little quiet, I find myself remembering Ginger.