About us

 I spend my days taking care of beloved cats in the homes of people who have to travel and be away.  I started designing cat-related gifts out of love, and to lighten hearts, and bring a little bit of happiness to all cat lovers.  My store is named after Ginger, one of my own special cats, whose story is on her own separate page.  Her short time on this planet helped show me of the magic of life, love, and how fate can change us for the better every day.  Cats are my life, and I consider them to be gifts of the natural universe!  I've been a full time catsitter for years, and I do everything related to medical, fluid and insulin injections, and total dedicated care.   Everything used in the designs was photographed and composed by myself. The shipping is free, anywhere in the USA, for all items.  We also donate a portion of each sale to Stray Cat Alliance, a marvelous organization that takes cats off the streets and gives them the medical treatment they need, no matter how severe, and then finds loving homes for them for the rest of their lives.  They have helped thousands of cats in the west!  To anyone who has known the grief of losing a cat, you have my heart, for it has happened to me many times.  Ginger will never be forgotten, and I will try to make part of her legacy to bring some comfort to my fellow cat owners.  Here is a link to my daily existence when I'm not in the store!  Tone The Westside Cad Dad