The Story Of Peaches, The Enchanting Calico Cat

The Story Of Peaches, The Enchanting Calico Cat

With her cute thumbs on every paw, and her mascara type face colors, Peaches is an adorable charmer!  She was adopted at 13 years old, from the shelter, and we’ve given her our loving home with devoted, compassionate care the rest of her days. 


Although she has arthritis, and slight kidney issues, it was all the more reason for us to take her out of the shelter cage and do all we could to bring her some peace of mind and comfort. So sweet and gorgeous, she still loves to play, take walks around our home, and of course, worship the sun whenever she can.  Being a polydactyl (extra toes) means she has a cute way of “padding” the floor when she walks, and it just makes her more enchanting!  She’s vocal about lots of things, especially mealtimes, and there’s also an added plus: she absolutely adores belly rubs! 

 Calicos, like all cats come with different individual traits, and Peaches just happens to be simply a heart melter!  So many friends and neighbors have commented on her beauty, she was just a natural for clothing and houseware designs!  Being a beloved member of the Remembering Ginger family, we are so glad to offer her in our unique items.  Check out some of her “poses” below!  We love you Peaches!

Just a few of Peaches' Gifts:

White Boss Calico Mug

Calico Cat Premium Cozy Sweatshirt

Boss Calico Black Mug

Check out all the many items made with love, featuring Peaches and all our cats in the Remembering Ginger Store!


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